UK Youth Parliament vote for 'Curriculum For Life'

Such good news that the UK Youth Parliament have chosen Curriculum for life as their priority campaign for 2017. Calls for statutory PSHE and SRE are coming more and more frequently and it is heartening that this call is coming directly from young people.

Lili Donlon-Mansbridge, aged 17, Member of Youth Parliament for Poole, said: “UK Youth Parliament is committed to pursuing a curriculum that prepares young people for life. We believe that the place of citizenship education and PSHE in the curriculum should be radically overhauled and next year Members of Youth Parliament will be campaigning to ensure this remains a priority”



The PSHE association and Sex Education Forum have issued a joint statement calling for SRE to be part of wider statutory PSHE provision.

Recent calls, including recommendations from four government committees, for statutory SRE are welcome. This joint statement sets out the arguments for why we need statutory provision of all PSHE, a holistic approach, promoting the safety and wellbeing of young people as they grow.

More on their joint statement can be found here