Tackling FGM in Primary Schools on Radio 4

Radio 4 discuss the importance of early lessons in SRE RSE and the need for training teachers. Visiting Norbury School to find out how they are using resources such as NSPCC's Pants and FPA's 'My Body My Rules' to bring awareness of FGM to the whole school community.

We can help your school do the same. Find out about our FGM awareness programmes here.


And listen to the programme here



Teach SRE

We are really excited to be a setting up as a new training organisation, supporting schools to deliver excellent SRE.

We will be drawing on all the experience that we have had over the last eight years, working as senior trainers with  CWP resources. We hope to build on the relationships that we have in London schools but also to build contacts across the UK.

We will be keeping this page up to date with all our latest news, including any plans we have for training days and courses.

If we can help you in any way then do not hesitate to contact us.


Andrew and Kat

Source: www.teachsre.co.uk